10 things to do on a short train ride

Lately I’ve been travelling a lot either to Ipswich where my boyfriend lives, or to Birmingham where my best friend is enjoying the rockstar life of a student. At the beginning I hated the journey as I considered it lost time. But, little by little, I discovered the pros of staying for 2 hours alone on a train twice a week, every week.


1. Read

I’m trying to read everyday on the train on my way to work, but it is so crowded that my book takes the space of 2 people. Now I love to lose myself in a book on the train even if it’s only for less than 4 hours per week.

2. Sleep

Finding time to sleep during weekdays is a challenge. I get home at 7 the earliest and between then and bedtime I have to do so many things that my sleep schedule has never been so messed up. Stealing a couple of hours on the train to sleep while listening to Jazz is pure gold.

3. Work

Maybe the least nice point in this list, but it is worth mentioning. Working in an open space office (as the majority does nowadays) can be so tiring. The background noise and the pressure disappear when it’s only you, the laptop, a comfy train chair and a pair of earphones. Trust me, most of these blogs are written on the train (this one as well).

4. Eat

I just love to eat. I’m not that kind of person that eats to live, but lives to eat. I know, some might find it wrong, but I just cannot help myself. Unfortunately, most of the time I eat while working which has never been my dream lunch. Therefore, enjoying some fresh sushi on the train is heaven. Also, I have a trick. In order to make my journeys more likeable and to really look forward to them, I am only eating from Wasabi (which I am excited about.)

5. Take time for yourself

London is amazing. London is also loud, crazy and very fast-paced. That’s why I found myself lost in the city’s noise and stir too often. I love to spend those 2 hours thinking about my dreams and objectives, about family and friends from Romania or even just organise my thoughts for the following week.

6. Catch up

My week life is all about the job. I dedicate all my time and energy to it and I always compromise my personal life for it. However, these journeys give me an incredible opportunity to catch up with my family and friends (texting of course – don’t worry I’m not the loud one on the train). It might not sound like a big deal, but for someone connected only to the job for 5 days it’s a blessing.

7. Learn

Did you ever think about learning a new skills, maybe a new language, but you ended up making excuses for postponing it? Maybe you found yourself buried in work or you just decided to do something else with your time. Well, these 2 hours are not enough to build a strong skill or to learn Chinese, but they can be part of a promising start. Especially now that most of the trains provide free WiFi, what’s your excuse?

8. Reconnect to the real world

OK, maybe not the best idea in the circumstances of nowadays politics, but you might find it interesting to take 2 hours a week to read the press, learn what is happening around the world. If you are not news-frenetic you can read tech articles, research papers or why not some blog posts (or our entire blog).

9. Watch a movie

I just love watching movies. But during the week I cannot steal 2 hours to free my mind and really focus on a movie. On the weekends I would rather go out and enjoy the sun (or more realistically, the rain). But for me, the train journey is just perfect. There’s enough time to finish a movie, and not enough time to think of the previous week’s craziness. That’s how I ended up with a Netflix account that I love more than anything.

10. Listen to Podcasts

Educative or funny, with comedians or industry’s leaders, you can have exactly what you want. Need some inspiration? Check out our suggestions!

Travelling might not be the best part of the holiday, but if you really maximise your time it can actually become a part of the holiday.


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