Colour? Patterns? Fun? The eighties? If you said yes after each question, then you must visit Camille Walala’s WALALAXPLAY exhibition at the NOW Gallery in Greenwich, London.

If you look at Camille Walala’s instagram feed, you might recognise her patterns, as they’ve shown up around London a few times. Her bold patterns and loud colours are her signature style, and if you’re just learning of her, then you’ll start noticing her everywhere.

The exhibition opened in July and I attended on the 22nd, on a Saturday. I was told that due to high demand, each attendee is only allowed to stay for 15 minutes – which was more than enough time, as the exhibition was small. We were supposed to take our shoes off before going into the labyrinth. It was such an experience full of patterns, colour, and mirrors, and everything seemed so 80s – I wish I could’ve moved there. I asked to go upstairs to see the artwork from above, which was amazing as you get a better sense of the layout.

There was a wide range of patterns and colours present, but they looked beautiful together. The addition of mirrors here and there added a new layer of eeriness to the exhibition.

Can you see the watermelon?


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