Unexpected Changes

I’ve been working for three months already – three months! Time really does fly, doesn’t it? And I’ve gone through lots of changes during this time. Little changes that you’d never think would happen, or changes that you have no control over.


Gone are the days when I took homemade food to work. I cooked so many things at the beginning, and I tried to make my meal as colourful as possible. But lately I’ve been buying the microwavable ready meals from Morrison’s. 3 meals for £6. Used to be £5, not £6, but oh well. Everything is getting more expensive.

However, I am trying to bring “real” food for at least 2 days out of 5.


I used to praise the London transport – underground, overground, trains, you name it! The transport map used to fascinate me, and I couldn’t believe how well thought it was. Until I actually had to use it daily. I’ve been through so many delays, strikes and cancellations that I always tell people that it’s the worst thing in the world. (still love you, though!) The sad thing is that my monthly travelcard is now even more expensive. At least it’s gone up just £1.


Due to all the cancellations and strikes, I keep changing my morning route. Southern Trains have been on and off strike for so long that I can’t even remember what the trains look like. So instead of taking the train and then the bus to work, I know take a bus, the overground, and another bus. Oh well. I just wish I could read without getting motion sickness.

Being all over the place

At first, I was extremely hyper at work – I ran from one place to another, I did stuff as quickly as I could, I started working on everything at the same time. Even my work colleagues were saying that “slow down, you make me look slow!” But I’ve decided to take a step back, do a to-do list, and do everything in order of importance.


I am sadly reading less and less – at first, I used to read on my train journey. Now, however, I prefer to learn something that would help make my life at work easier. For example, I recently finished Google’s Digital Garage course (all about Digital Marketing). I am probably going to start learning coding soon.

Moving out

Yes, we’re moving again. Less than 3 minutes away. But it’s a newly renovated two-bedroom apartment, so what could be better?


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