Travelling ‘light’

I’ve never had a problem with moving – I’ve been moving for the past 6 years. During my university years, I’ve never lived in the same place for more than a year. Before this, I lived for two years in my own apartment in the city centre of my home country. Before that, I lived in my grandma’s studio flat while she moved to my room (Sorry, grandma!). Before that, I lived with my parents.

So moving around was never a problem for me. I feel at home as soon as I unpack and decorate my room. I have the ability to quickly adapt to a new place.

But the process of packing, moving, and unpacking is horrible. Especially now, when we had to move all of our stuff from Birmingham to London. Previously, it was just a few short Uber rides from the old place to the new one. But now, we had to pack everything, find a moving service and take everything to London. It took me a week and a half to pack everything – it wasn’t constant packing though. I probably could’ve finished quicker.


We looked for a service on anyvan. We were contacted by several drivers almost instantly. Our biggest mistake was jumping into the site without familiarising ourselves with it beforehand. We thought it was a simple search for a quote so, in what we believed to be the searchbox, we wrote that we had 10 large bags of 30 kilos each (without a large suitcase that we each came with from Birmingham).Finally, we ended up with 10 very large bags, 3 suitcases and 3 boxes. So we were charged extra for this (although the driver was extremely nice and didn’t charge too much for our excess stuff). We paid £154 in total for more than 100 kilos of stuff.

What I learned from this was that I have too much irrelevant stuff. I lived for two weeks from a single large suitcase and I managed to get by. I still have an unpacked suitcase and a box in the storage room, and I’m not even sure what I have in them. Do I really need a TARDIS piggy bank? Or fairy lights in the shape of moose? To be honest, probably. Life’s just a little bit better with a few colourful knick-knacks in one’s life.


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