The scariest step of my life – becoming a Londonder

I am now more scared than I was three years ago when I left my home country!

Three years ago I was crazy enough to take a baggage (or ten) and move to Birmingham by my own. Should I mention that it was my first time in the UK and my first time travelling without my parents? So, logically, I should have been more scared then than now. But no! Back then I was too crazy and immature to realise what actually means to pay the rent, bills and so on. I remember that in 2013 I cooked fried eggs with my dad on Skype because I had no idea if I should use oil, when they are cooked (or burnt) and so on. I remember I had no clue how to wash my clothes, so my friend gave me the best leaving present: colour catch sheets! I remember that after only one week my room was a complete mess and I had no clean dishes what so ever so I bought a pack of plastic plates so I could avoid the washing part. I remember that back home I used to leave my clothes all over the house. So I did the same when I lived by my own, only to realise that if I am not organised I will die in probably no more than 2 weeks. I should mention that I am a shopaholic so of course my parents were sure that I would spend all my money in the first day in Armani.

But years have passed and now I am more excited about Tesco than Armani (or at least I am lying myself to believe that), I no longer use colour catcher sheets, I gave up on plastic plates and I managed to pay my bills.

The point is, no matter what, keep your dreams alive because you never know where they lead you. My dream gave me the best city in the world: London!


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