TGI Fridays


At work we sometimes go out for dinner. And it was my turn to book a place. I looked on Google Maps and decided on TGI Fridays, as it seemed big enough to accommodate everyone and close enough to work so we could easily get home from there.

The first step was booking a table online – and the process went quickly and smoothly. I was also able to update the booking to add an extra person – and this process was as easy as the booking.

As soon as we got there, I realised that this is a “family” establishment – people were talking loudly, kids were running everywhere, it was incredibly crowded. All 6 of us were taken to our table that was incredibly small for all of us to have dinner at, let alone drinks. However, they were extremely accommodating when my boss requested a larger table for us.

We started with drinks – and my main tip for you is to pay attention to your waiter! I was asked if I wanted a small or a large, and since I was chatting to my coworkers, I said large, thinking it meant double (as opposed to a single measure of alcohol). What I found out the hard way was that large does indeed mean large – and I had to drink from a massive heavy goblet!


The food was lovely – we shared some coated shrimps with Jack Daniel’s sauce, and then I ordered a spicy burger for myself. Unfortunately, I did not find it spicy – I do have a high tolerance to it tough – but it was great nonetheless. The person sitting next to me ordered ribs – and I almost regretted not getting those, they looked amazing!


Useful Info

Location: Central London and a few other areas. Visit their website for locations. (Croydon reviewed)
Price: Cocktails are lovely and a great value. Food is mid-range
Opening times: Varies upon location. Usually from noon to around 10:30 – 11 pm
Booking: Book online. Book by email if party exceeds 12 people.
Dress Code: Casual


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