TFL Oyster App

The TFL Oyster App is here – I didn’t know I needed one but I’m willing to try it out.

Oyster cards have become synonymous with living in London – either permanently or as a tourist. I myself have been using an Oyster card since the day I moved here. I use a monthly travelcard for Zones 2 to 5 to get to and from work, and I top it up for weekend travels to the City.

I never know when my travelcard expires as I don’t usually top it up on the same day – it changes if I have any days booked off, if it’s a Bank Holiday or simply the weekend.

So sometimes I forget when it expires and I either travel without it (by paying each time I tap in and out), or I queue to top it up and usually miss my train.

So here is where an Oyster app would come in handy.

TFL Oyster App Starbucks on the Thames

After downloading the app from the AppStore, the setup is simple. You are greeted by a main screen, followed up by a few of the features available.


I easily signed in, as I had my username and password saved in Safari, and they both transfered to the app – which came in handy as I realised I wasn’t sure which password I’d used.

There are a few neat features available, such as the underground map and the rail one.

TFL Oyster App Starbucks on the Thames 2

However, not all features are available at the time of writing. I wanted to see what type of notifications were available.

TFL Oyster App Starbucks on the Thames 5

As I had a day off today, I booked a lot of appointments and made shopping plans. And I knew my balance was low, so I needed to top up to be able to travel in the City.

TFL Oyster App Starbucks on the Thames 6

Topping up was fairly simple, although I wished Apple Pay was integrated within the app so I could pay with a quick, simple method. However, I was able to add my card with the aid of my camera, and that was fairly quick.

TFL Oyster App Starbucks on the Thames 4

So far, it seems useful, especially when it comes to topping up. I won’t be using the map part yet, as I have a different and better app for that, but I’m willing to keep the app and update it as soon as new features come available.


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