TfL is amazing – despite our complaints

Transport for London seems like a dream – especially if you look at the map. It’s so complex and beautiful and colourful and you’re bound to get anywhere easily. I live in Zone 2 and it can take me about an hour to reach some of the most important landmarks – if the trains don’t get cancelled, that is.
But despite the late running of the trains, I can still get to the City with few incidents and sometimes even on time!

It took me 40 minutes to get to London Euston the other day – which is a pretty sweet deal, especially in the vastness that is London. And that’s because I had to take a bus to Elephant and Castle and then the Northern line to Euston.

On the other hand, you can get from Croydon (Zone 5) to Victoria in about 35 minutes by train, so it’s all relative. As much as I complain about the public transport, it is amazing. The distance between the two is of 12 miles! 12 miles! And the route also has 8 stops.

The main problems we have with the TfL is that we hate it when the bus, overground or train cancels your stop while you’re on the public transport! When I got on the train, it said it was stopping at Peckham Rye, so why is it now going straight to London Bridge? Oh, because you don’t want to reach the last stop too late? Well, that makes no sense! I’d rather arrive late at my destination than not at all!

However, most of my problems seem to stem from Southern Trains – that’s why I’ve changed my route into work. Instead of taking the train to West Croydon, I’d rather go to a different starting station and take the overground. And it’s been pretty sweet.

And compared to other types of public transport that I’ve experienced around the world, the TfL is by far the best I’ve encountered. I went to my home country a few months ago, and I took an Uber everywhere – mostly because it’s incredibly cheap, and partly because the public transport there is a nightmare.

And, of course, how could we forget the colourful and personalised Oyster wallets?

TfL is amazing - despite our complaints Starbucks on the Thames 1


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