Take time to be a tourist in London

Tourists, for some unknown reason that baffles me, are rarely seen in a favourable light. When a friend of mine refuses to cross the street if the lights are red, I roll my eyes and cal her ‘such a tourist’. Us ‘real’ Londoners know the right time to cross the street without having to wait for the beep that accompanies each green light.

So that’s why it took a lot of convincing from my cousin to get a London Pass with him when he comes to visit – I’m not a tourist, why do I need a Pass?

But I’m glad he managed to convince me to get a pass to see the most important London landmarks – and we even saved in the end! (Even though my feet are still killing me).

The London Pass is £100 for 3 days – and you even get a guide book! Which is useful as it gives you information about the sights, and what you have included in the price – the entrance fee and sometimes an audiobook. We managed to visit sights from Tower of London and Westminster Abbey to the London Bridge Experience and HMS Belfast!

What didn’t go as swimmingly? The London City Cruise – but that’s only because I get seasick. I highly recommend the tour – the sights were amazing from the Thames, the guide was extraordinarily funny (although a lot of British humour – I had to explain Essex to my cousin!), and I could’ve gone through life without this image (what a tragedy!):

Take time to be a tourist in London Starbucks on the Thames.jpg
(Sadly, my seasickness reached new heights so it’s not the best photo in the world).

So I highly recommend the London Pass if you’re prepared to walk a lot (and I mean A LOT – my feet will forever hurt!). Having said this, I might embrace being a tourist more often- there isn’t enough time to visit the City in a lifetime!


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