Pret a Manger introduces a more sustainable option for selling water

Pret a Manger, the quick, fresh and easy food- and drink-on-the-go giant, have started embracing a new, eco-friendly approach.

After successfully starting to cater to vegetarians and vegans in London, they have expanded to offer a more sustainable option for offering water to its customers. You can now buy glass bottles of 250ml and 500ml, for £3.99 and £4.99 respectively, currently in the three Pret Veggie stores around London. They are conveniently stored in the fridge, next to the other drinks.

new Pret a Manger glass bottle next to the other drinks

Since Londoners have the right to ask for tap water for free in any bar or restaurant, this move might not impact their sales as much as expected.

The most peculiar thing about the bottle is that it’s not branded, making it hard to justify the high price compared to the plastic bottle (£0.99). However, since it’s reusable for longer than a plastic bottle, people might start investing in this, due to convenience.

I’ve always wanted a glass bottle but never found a cheap enough one close to me, so this move by Pret a Manger might be worthwhile. I will keep you updated over on Twitter


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