My special lover

There were so many adventures, failures and successes since my last post, that I cannot even count them. Let’s just say that the last month was the peak of my year, the cherry on the cake and the last drop that filled the glass.
Since my last post, I received my first salary, I spent it all, I received money from my parents even though I swore this will stop once I got a job, I spent it all, I got used to my apartment, I left it and so on. But one thing was consistent. It has been on my mind from the morning until late in the night, it brought me happiness and disappointment, love and hate. We have a strong connection and no one can take me away from it. Yes, TFL, our relationship is complicated, but I will never give up on you.

Ok, let me explain it. I have been working in Kentish Town for two months now. Not even a single time my train was in time. Not only once. But, in a weird way, I like these delays. Now, that I know the real time of the arrival, I sleep 5 minutes more, which is pure gold in the morning. My problem is not that they are always delayed. The problem is when the train is cancelled and they announce it after they make you wait for 30 min, saying that the train is only delayed. The problem is when they cancel my station while I’m on the train. Also, what really annoys me is that everything has to happen during peak times. But TFL gave me a leaflet with poems written on the underground, so of course, I forgave them.

No, seriously guys, I know that London is overpopulated, but please, just do not cancel trains because you make it even worse.

Otherwise, TFL, even if you want it or not, you will always be mine and I will always be yours.

Lots of kisses and hugs from your loyal and frustrated friend,



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