London is not like in the movies

…except if you live in London. And I mean Zone 1. But not too on the edge of Zone 1.

I am one of those ‘weird’ cases – I live fairly close to the City, but I work outside it, in the south, in Croydon. And I don’t get to see London as much as I’d like. My overground doesn’t go through the city centre, as everyday I’m going away from it. And I never get to see its beauty during the workweek – to me, London looks exactly like any other city or town in the UK – Coventry, Birmingham, Zones 2-5… they’re all the same to me.

Except they aren’t. Every morning I get to see the important sights of London through my window – from Big Ben and St Paul’s to the Shard and ‘the Walkie Talkie’.

Unexpected Changes Starbucks on the Thames
So no, I don’t live in the City, I live in Peckham, to the South, in Zone 2. And I don’t work in one of those offices in a building made out of glass, on the 25th floor. But my journey into work is fairly uncongested. And I also have a dog at the office.

So London might not be like in the movies, but life isn’t that bad.


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  1. Tanja says:

    it sounds pretty good to me:)

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