How I enjoy London 1 minute a day

So far I think we complained about how expensive London is in every single blog post. So I want to keep the tradition alive and mention it again: this city is a money sponge. Having this in mind, I often wonder why do I pay so much to live in a city that I can only explore in weekends. Wouldn’t be easier (and cheaper) to commute? Of course it would. And after all Luton or St Albans don’t sound so bad. But then, every morning a miracle is happening.

As you may already know I live in Peckham and work in Kentish Town. Luckily (is it?) I have a direct train so in 25 minutes I cross the whole Zone 1. Every single day I passed by the most beautiful station in London: London Blackfriars. That one minute starring through the glass wall at The Shard, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, Thames and the skyline of Canary Wharf, that one minute a day convinces me to pay so much for a city that is indeed a money sponge, but at the same time the most gorgeous, sexiest place in the world. That one minute makes me forget about money, job stress or bills.

I know I can still have my one minute if I live further than Zone 2 in south and take the same train. But then London wouldn’t be my home. So in that one minute I would look at someone else’s city, not my beloved London. London may be too expensive and crowded, but that one minute though…


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