Honi Poke got me saying Aloha

What’s the latest trend in food, you say? None other than Poke. Hailing all the way from Hawaii, Poke (poh-kay) is a dish traditionally made with cubed raw fish with various Asian influences added to it – from soy sauce and sesame seeds to green onions and nori. Originally made with either tuna or octopus, the most popular ones now are the ones with raw salmon.

So naturally, I wanted to enjoy this new trend as it looks as delicious as it is instagrammable.


So I made my way to Honi Pokē in Soho on a sunny Monday afternoon for a Poke stop (here’s hoping that some Pokemon fans are reading this). After a quick glance at the menu and at the ingredients on display, I went for the Honi Poke (fun fact: “Honi” is a kiss, or a Hawaiian greeting), which contains salty mango, sunomono cucumber, nori seaweed, kimchi, chive, crispy onion, chilli garlic sauce. I had to choose my main ingredient from white rice, brown rice or quinoa. I went for brown rice. I was also asked if I wanted soy sauce on top, which I did.

As my main fish, I could pick from salmon (£7.90), tuna (£8.90) or a mix of both (£8.40). I chose salmon, which is what I always go for in sushi as well.

Honi Poke dish with raw salmon

The food was quick to order, excellent for a main meal, and delicious. If you work or live nearby, you should definitely try this place out!

Price: around £8-£9 per bowl
Location: Soho, 82 Dean Street, London, W1D
Opening Times: 11:30am – 9:00pm, Monday to Friday
Type: Seafood, Vegetarian, Vegan
Delivery: Yes, through Deliveroo, if you live close enough. (check your app!)
Catering: Yes, for meetings and events. You need to contact them for more info and a quote.


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