Don’t take Uber away

Uber has always been our thing. While we were studying in Birmingham, Uber was our best friend and our bank accounts’ worst enemy. I cannot even count how many times I lied to my mom to send me money for food only to get an Uber to have 5 more minutes of sleep. However, the distances were pretty short so we weren’t spending that much (we keep lying to ourselves, we know).

When we moved to London we had to change the tactic to have a more bank account-friendly approach. That’s how we ended up having a forced relationship with TFL. However, this didn’t stop our love for Uber. As a matter of fact, when we were in a huge rush to get to our first apartment to pay the deposit we actually chose Uber instead of the tube. Of course, with the tube it would have been a 20 minutes ride. It took us 1 hour with the Uber. But who cares? We were happy to go back to our first love.

London, please don’t take away our love. Uber is the best thing that happened to this world (of course apart from iPhone X)!


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