Andreea and Diana met by pure chance in October 2013, at a PR class they shared. At the time, they had almost nothing in common: the former was interested in pursuing a fashion pathway, while the latter’s passion was rock concerts. Loving pink vs loving blue. Mac vs windows, the eternal struggle. Three spoonfuls of sugar vs none in their coffee. However, they quickly ended up in the same group for a project and they sparked almost instantly. “You read about people falling suddenly in love, about romantic thunderbolts that go with clashing cymbals, high quivering strings and resounding chords and you read about eyes that meet across the room to the thudding twang of Cupid’s bow, but it is less often that you read about collaborative love at first sight, about people who instantly discover that they were born to work together.” Stephen Fry’s vision from “The Fry Chronicles” perfectly describes their professional relationship, as they are always on the same page during the organisation of events, both being interested in set design and how an exhibition can change according to the chosen venue.

So now they’ve decided to move to the big city and see how it goes!