A night on top of the world – also known as Sky Garden

London has it all. Want a new experience and live jazz? Then you should choose Dalston Jazz Bar. Want cheap alcohol and good vibes? Shoerditch may be the answer. But what do you do when you are willing to spend more for a romantic dinner with a view? You may say the obvious: The Shard.

My boyfriend and I have always been the Shoerditch type. However, at some point, we just wanted a romantic dinner in a private place, with candles and chill music – you know, everything you see in movies and you cannot afford. We didn’t choose The Shard, but Sky Garden. It would be an understatement to say it was classy and fancy AF.

No matter how many fancy restaurants I had visited and will visit, I will always be that person that doesn’t know where to put the jacket or what fork should be used for the starter (they all look the same!). But the staff was more than friendly and polite, making us feel special and privileged.

What I loved the most about Sky Garden was that you get a full experience. If you book in advance for the restaurant, you skip the whole queue that goes around the building, making you feel important and worthy (don’t judge me – I really needed it after an infernal week at work). Once you arrive on the top of the world you can explore the gardens, chat with people or simply let yourself be absorbed by the great city that dances at your feet. The restaurant is even more amazing: elegant design, relaxed but romantic atmosphere and amazing food. As you may imagine, you should either sell your kidney or your iPhone X (I’m getting ahead with this post) for a night there. But it’s a really enjoyable experience.

We don’t plan to go back any time soon, but we definitely don’t regret spending our lifetime savings there.

P.S.: if you are still not used to me, you should know that overreacting is my thing. Sky Garden is not that expensive. For £50 you get a pretty good glass of wine and a fancy dish. BTW: you pay the water 🙂


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