10 ways London changed me

I never dreamed I would live in London – I always thought I’d stay in Birmingham. I mean, how can I aspire to live in London? It seems like an unreachable dream – too expensive, too crowded, and with few jobs. However,  here I am! I’ve been living here since September and I’ve noticed that I am a different person.

1. I could only sleep when it was pitch black. I can now sleep when there are lights shining through my window. Are we sure London isn’t ‘the city that never sleeps’?

2. In Birmingham, I loved taking the Uber everywhere – I could get anywhere in 10 minutes and for £7. It took me a while to realise that the underground is always the better option in London and that if you take an Uber, expect to be even more late.

3. Who knew that microwaveable ready meals would be my main source of food?

4. I now treat money differently. In Birmingham, I thought it was expensive to live in a £500 flat. Now I think that paying £700 in London is a steal.

5. I now believe that taking two hours to get to your destination is acceptable.

6. I used to praise the London underground when I came to the City as a tourist – just look at the map! You can get anywhere! Now that I live and work in London, I know how bad it actually is.

7. Living in a city centre was my goal – both back home and in Birmingham, my apartments were in the heart of the city, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now my goals are either to live 2 minutes from the station or near work (As the alternative is unrealistic).

8. My dream of becoming an event planner is weaker and weaker. I really love Digital Marketing now. But my dream is still standing strong.

9. People in Birmingham are so nice! I think there’s a competition on who says ‘sorry’ the most. London? Rude. (I still love you, London!)

10. I spend less time on social media – ironic, considering I manage most of the Twitter account at work. But I haven’t scrolled aimlessly through Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr for ages – Snapchat is the only one going strong, as it’s a good time-waster on my commute.

We’ll see at a later time how else my newfound relationship with London is turning me into a different person.


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